Carrier Negotiations

You’ve provided exceptional customer service, landed the sale, picked and packed your customer’s order, and put time and effort into creating the perfect unboxing experience. You’ve done everything possible to meet your customer’s expectations, and yet, their trust in your brand - and the likelihood of them purchasing from you again - rests solely on your selected carrier’s ability to get their purchase delivered intact and on time.

Whether you sell clothing shipped in bags, pallets of mattresses, delicate glassware, or frozen foods - you deserve to feel confident that your carrier will handle your product with the care your customer requires. 

When choosing a transporter and service level, you’re balancing the amount of care used during shipping, transit time, and the overall cost. But it doesn't have to be a compromise. Through strategic partnerships and effective relationship management, our experts can negotiate rates that save you money, while getting your product where it needs to be safely.

We’re here for you to ensure you have access to the information necessary to make the right decision for your customer and your business. 

To reduce shipping costs and transit time while maximizing safe handling, we’ll work with you to define your product’s transportation needs and find the carrier and service level that gets the job done right every time. We speak the language of supply chain and logistics, and can translate confusing jargon into real savings on moving product into, and out of, your workspace.

Let us negotiate the movement of your product up and down your supply chain, so you can take that time back and focus on the tasks that drive sales and increase revenue.

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