Kitting & Assembly

We all know that the eCommerce market is a competitive place to do business. Creating a product that can reach new audiences while appealing to the current one, that is recognizable yet unique, that is relevant but not oversaturated, can feel like an insurmountable task.

Kitting offers a way to accomplish those goals while minimizing time and money spent on product development. The simple act of combining products into a set, or splitting sets of products into a smaller number of units, can give you the chance to expand your reach and enhance your sales.

Assembly is another tool that can give you an edge in the global market. As a business professional, you know it can save time and money to buy a product’s components and branded packaging from separate businesses, and it costs time and money to combine these items into a final form. Skilled hands are required to maximize unit production and eliminate manufacturing bottlenecks. 

Your time is valuable. Let us help you take it back.

Our trained professionals are able to receive your materials and inventory, store it safely and securely, and kit or assemble your product at a consistent quality that aligns with your high standards and your customer’s expectations. We can send it back to you ready to ship, or send it out to your customers directly.

Whether you have new products you want to get to market, or you have established products you want to sell in new ways, we’re here to help you do so as efficiently as possible, without breaking the bank.

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