Invoice Audits

With multiple moving parts, seemingly endless paperwork, and critical relationships on the line - small details inevitably get overlooked. Orders are short, damage occurs during shipping, products get misplaced, or payments aren’t accurately accounted for. 

Mistakes happen. But they don’t have to cost you.

When inventory discrepancies are discovered, it can be difficult to pinpoint where the problem began, and even more challenging to prevent it from recurring. To reduce shrink and minimize lost time and revenue, we engage your team and your internal processes by facilitating a no-blame culture. One that is able to more easily identify areas of opportunity and pinpoint exactly where efforts are getting off track. 

No more paying for items you didn’t receive. No more losing sales due to stock outs. No more missing out on refunds from your vendors for damages and claims. 

Our impartial team combines invoice and receipt analysis, transaction cross referencing, and workflow tracking to answer all your questions and ensure that you aren’t overpaying for goods or services due to the errors of others. 

We work on the fine print so you can stay focused on maximizing sales and elevating your brand.

Whether you have just started to define your inventory processes or have an established inventory management team, we can support you in meeting your goals, your way. You define our focus and establish what we can do to help you improve your processes, and we bring in our experts to align your needs with industry best practices. 

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